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Patrick Phelan

Patrick was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and raised in the small suburb of De Pere, where he learned the valuable skills of leadership and teamwork early on when he was the captain of competitive soccer teams in high school and college. He attended St. Norbert College where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biology and also worked as a teaching assistant. Next, he attended St. Louis University where he earned his Physician Assistant degree.  He began his career working in urgent care in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado and then migrated with his family to Delaware where he worked for E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company’s Occupational Medicine department. Shortly thereafter, he landed a plum position with Doctors For Emergency Services (DFES).

While Patrick has assisted patients with DFES since 1991, he has also had the opportunity to serve as the Delaware PA Academy secretary, where he lobbied for improved PA legislation, and as a member of the AAPA legislative body. Currently, he teaches wound and hand care lectures for Arcadia University and contributes to the EMRA antibiotic guide.

Patrick has also volunteered with Delaware Medical Relief Team (DMRT) members in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.  This pull to 3rd world countries likely arises from his experience living in the South American country of Peru as a child where earthquakes were common.

When not chasing earthquakes or traveling the globe, Patrick can be found racing sailboats, bareboat cruising, skiing or playing with his dog Maddie, who substitutes for his grown children.

Patrick Phelan
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